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Effortless & Cheap: Whole Foods on a Budget


On a beautiful sunny day I like to work from the Whole Foods patio, and utilize the free WIFI. Today after work I went shopping for items to make a quick and easy dinner, that wouldn't dirty many dishes. The first stop is always the meat case to see what is on sale. This week the breaded chicken breasts were $3.99/lb. I chose the Parmesan/Rosemary crusted chicken breast, but there were about 5 other flavors available. My chicken breast was $2.37!

I went to check out the produce to see what deal I could find. Broccoli was $2.49/lb. I grabbed a head that was just enough for myself. It came out to be a whopping .52 cents.


Next stop was Cheese Palace- I always pay a visit to the "cheese under $4" bins. This allows me to try lots of different cheese for cheap, and if you don't like it then oh well! I grabbed a small wedge of Gabietou Herve Mon for $2.10. It is a sheep and cow’s milk cheese. The texture is amazing and just melts in your mouth, the flavor lasts so you can really savor every second.

Lastly, I took a stroll down the frozen aisle to look for my favorite bag of veggies- Tommy's Superfoods. The bags are usually $4.99, but were on sale for $3.99. They have packages of several different variations, I chose the Root Fusion. Root Fusion is a mixture of Fuji apples, beets, turnips, and carrots and the flavor is out of this world! I never knew I enjoyed beets until I had them roasted. 

Dinner prep was simple- I tossed the bag of frozen Root Fusion into an oven safe pan and tossed with olive oil, cut the broccoli up and placed it in the steamer. The chicken got a slight makeover by cutting diagonal slits and adding the cheese I bought. YOU WILL WANT TO DO THIS TOO! The chicken and vegges went in the oven at 375' for 30ish mins, while the broccoli steamed on the stove. The mess was minimal, the food was delicious and my total cost was $8.98.

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